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Correcting Microblading Gone Wrong

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

In recent years, eyebrows were the top trend in the makeup community. Everybody wanted fierce, yet natural-looking eyebrows that flattered their face shape. With the growing demand for semi-permanent makeup techniques that catered to the brows, microblading became one of the top beauty procedures. However, its popularity wasn't all good. People who were not professionals performed microblading on clients, and the results were less than favorable. If you received microblading gone wrong, Circle City Brows can fix it!

Microblading techniques

Even though microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment, the results of microblading can be altered before they fade. You don't have to wait years for your brows to completely fade before you can fix them. Rather, you can visit a professional. At Circle City Brows, we know exactly how to correct your microblading gone wrong. There are a few ways microblading can go wrong. For one, your microblading can be uneven. Uneven brow shapes are not flattering. When you come into Circle City Brows, we can adjust your brows to appear more symmetrical and flattering. Another common microblading mishap is too-thick of strokes. The idea behind microblading is that the strokes are thin and resemble your natural hairs. With professional microblading, it should be difficult to tell where your natural eyebrows end and your microbladed eyebrows begin. When microblading goes wrong, the strokes can look too thick and unnatural. We can help correct these strokes, allowing your microbladed brows to look as natural as possible.

Yet another common microblading mistake is pigment discoloration. If your microblading has changed colors, Circle City Brows can correct the color. We can use the perfect color for your complexion and your hair color. If you want to schedule your microblading correction appointment, you can call Circle City Brows at 317-213-0001 today!

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