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Microblading Pricing

New to Circle City Brows?


If you are a NEW CLIENT to Circle City Brows your first appointment will consist of establishing new client history with a one time NEW CLIENT Consultation (30 minutes), immediately followed by your Initial Microblading Appointment (60 minutes).

Together your first appointment is a 90 minute appointment and the total of $400 will offer you the following:

  • Your Custom Microblading Plan 

  • Paperwork/ Medical History 

  • Procedure Details

  • Choosing pigment color based on wants and skin tone

  • Customized eyebrow mapping unique to your facial structure

  • Aftercare product and instructions

  • Q&A

  • Microblading appointment

After your first initial appointment, you can book any necessary future appts as an Established Client.

Been to Circle City Brows Before?



If you are an ESTABLISHED CLIENT at Circle City Brows and wish to schedule your next Microblading Appt, your flat rate cost is always $300 per appointment, regardless of your last service date.