Microblading Pricing

New to Circle City Brows?




This total is for your INITAL APPOINTMENT ONLY.  If you are a NEW CLIENT to Circle City Brows, your first appointment is $500/90 minutes and will consist of your consultation, immediately followed by your Initial Microblading Appointment. Please note I am not currently taking new clients who need a brow correction nor a new client that has had previous machine tattooing of the brow. New client appointments require a $200 deposit and $300 will be due at time of service.

Your first appointment will offer you the following:​

  • Paperwork/ Medical History 

  • Choosing pigment color based on wants and skin tone

  • Procedure Details

  • Q & A

  • Customized eyebrow mapping unique to your facial structure

  • Aftercare product and instruction

  • Initial Microblading appointment

 *THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE YOUR 2ND APPT. It is recommended that each new client have a 2nd appointment 6-8 weeks after the initial appt to ensure full coverage after healing. Your 2nd appt and all future appointments will be booked as a "returning client" at discounted pricing ($300)

Been to Circle City Brows Before?

Returning Client



If you are a RETURNING CLIENT with Circle City Brows and wish to schedule your next Microblading Appt, your discounted cost is $300 per 60 min appt.  This appointment requires a $100 deposit and $200 will be due at time of service. In order to be eligible for Returning Client pricing you must maintain your microblading annually.

Failure to return for a maintenance appointment within 18 months of your last visit will require you to book a New Client / 90 minute appointment should you choose to return.