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Do You Know Your Eyebrow Vocabulary?

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Think eyebrows are simple? Think again! Microblading is one of the latest makeup trends, and there’s a lot more to eyebrows than meets the eye. To learn some eyebrow vocabulary, just keep reading.

What to know before the Microblading

Eyebrow: Circle City Brows is your personal eyebrow expert. Eyebrows are the hairs on your face above your eyes. Eyebrows keep dust and sweat from getting into your eyes, while also framing your face and potentially transforming your physical appearance.

Microblading Before and After

Brow: The word brow is right in our name, Circle City Brows by Kate Meyer. Brow is a shortened term used to reference eyebrows.

On fleek: On fleek eyebrows are eyebrows that are fierce and perfectly groomed. This slang term can describe your eyebrows after you visit Circle City Brows.

Semi-permanent makeup: Semi-permanent makeup procedures are best left to the professionals. These procedures can last for years but don’t last forever. The semi-permanent aspect of this type of makeup allows you to keep up with trends, while also minimizing your makeup routine and increasing your confidence. Some examples of semi-permanent makeup treatments include eyebrow microblading, lip lining, and semi-permanent eyeliner.

Eyebrow tattoo: An eyebrow tattoo is a little different than microblading, because eyebrow tattoos are permanent. Eyebrow tattoos are done by professional, trained, certified, insured and licensed artists. An eyebrow tattoo artist can help you achieve your dream eyebrows through microblading.

Waxing: Waxing is one way to shape your eyebrows. Waxing using wax strips to remove unwanted hair from your eyebrow area.

Threading: Another technique that removes unwanted hair from the eyebrow area is threading. Threading uses thin threads made from cotton to remove hairs and is most ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

Now that you know your eyebrow vocabulary, you’re ready to book your appointment at Circle City Brows! For the best microblading in Indianapolis and its surrounding areas, call us today at 317-213-0001.

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